My aunt suddenly passed away on Sunday from a heart-attack.

Death is still one of those things I'm trying to make sense of an I'm pretty sure I'll never completely make sense of it all.
It's hard losing someone you love, 
Knowing you'll never see them on holidays,
Knowing the pain it causes all those you love,
Knowing you'll miss those small meaningful conversations & affectionate touches.
It just kind of sucks.
I know she's in a better place, but it's hard working through the actual process of death.

It doesn't help that this week feels swarmed with busy deadlines and unavoidable commitments.
I just haven't had time to really think... to really process.

I know it will come,
I just wish it didn't have to.

I miss you, Karen. 

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  1. <3 Praying that you and your family may feel His peace which surpasses all.

  2. SO so sorry Heidi!

  3. praying for your fam, Heidi! Your Aunt Karen was such a lovely lady!


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