A Mellow sort of Evening & a Random Mess


Last night we gorged ourselves on pizza at Mellow Mushroom, which I'm pretty sure is the best pizza of all time... actually, I'm pretty positive.
We had to wait about an hour to get our pizza, but I was kind of okay with it seeing that we received 50% off our entire order.
I'm pretty sure the guy had just forgot to put in our order, though he stated the pizza got burned on the bottom... yet somehow he kept forgetting our appetizer which we ended up receiving the appetizer after we finally got our pizza.
Good one pizza man.
I gave him the benefit of a doubt mainly because the table unanimously decided that he was hungover... or drunk... or hungover & drunk. 
Whatevs, we got a sweet deal on dinner and we had a Groupon.
Plus D bought us cookies [we still wanted to leave the guy a tip].

Last night I dreamed I was at a cupcake shop.
It's making me crave a red velvet cupcake right now.
I may need to make cupcakes at some point today.
Which I was suppose to get cupcakes today but homework conflicted and I lost out on that opportunity which makes me a little sad.
As for today, we're pulling the lazy card.
Mostly I'm still recovering from cold & it's been a tough week.
D made an awesome omelet for me and we've been watching Lie to Me and the Darjeeling Unlimited.
At some point I probably should finish my paper for class, but I'm really not feeling motivated.
Maybe I'll make another cup of tea.

It's a pretty sweet day.

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  1. Oh, cupcakes. I found out there's a delivery cupcake place that will deliver cupcakes to my apartment. Oh my god. . .


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