Before I begin anything, let me just say that its never a good idea to blindly plug something in without paying attention. Moments like these may result in a small electrocution. 
[not that I'm noting this from experience]
[oh dear, little Ashley, I remember how excited I was to be a big sister to you...still am]

So changes...
I always mention this, but its so funny to me how differently life can look at each new toss and turn. 
Things I never imagined or dreamed of 5 years ago, are now part of my everyday life.
Things that never seemed like a reality now have the potential to be a probability.
It's just kind of cool...and surreal...and frightfully nice.
{Frightfully nice meaning its kind of scary but kind of awesome all in the same sense}
And it all kind of excites me because I see so many new changes are coming up for me...
I see so many new things for my future.
So many opportunities.
It makes me feel like all these hard times and struggles are going to result in something really awesome in the end.
And changes are cool to see not just in me, but the people who surround me.
D has so many cool things ahead of him; I'm excited to see his volleyball opportunities grow and expand.
My sister Ash is doing this whole awesome feat of learning what life looks like independent and I just love seeing her experience; knowing and reminiscing on what life was like for me when I was first starting out and seeing her just start to learn it all.
My mom's trying out yoga.
Jake might get a dog.
My cousin David is getting married.
My friends are starting new jobs, having families, trying new adventures, graduating, and traveling around the world.
And as a Marketing major, I must say, social media has made it pretty awesome to share in these experiences with those people I love.
It makes living thousands of miles away from my home state a whole lot bearable.

I don't really know,
I guess its just kind of nice to look forward to what's ahead...
Its all part of a really cool adventure for each of us.

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