This morning.

I'm getting a lot of hits these days on my blog from a Russian Mail Order Bride site. 
I'm a little nervous... and curious... I mean, seriously?!
I don't recall being either Russian or the desire to be a mail order bride.
Gotta love Google Stats.
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This morning I'm up enjoying a cup of tea. 
My pups are lagging around, getting ready for their afternoon nap.
Sky lovingly decided it would be best this morning to wake me up at 630 AM, and now I'm basking in this hot, tiring sort of morning.
It's nice though, I really can't complain.
I still managed to grab a small nap on the couch.
We've also already taken a nice 3-4 mile run through the neighborhood and I got out to water the garden before the heat overtakes the afternoon.
I'm a little down today, last night we got some really sad news.
I feel like there's just a lot of things about life I question and just don't feel like I understand the "why's" behind them.
The number one thing on my mind this morning is why bad things happen to good people.
I know this is something we can get all theological on and I know all the general answer...but still... I still question these things regardless. 
More often then not.
I guess its just human nature for the desire to know these why's; I think we all deep down wish we had some great, triumphant answer to counteract on the pain we all experience.
Today I'm going to take some time to go out and weed my poor garden, it appears the grass is trying its best to overtake it.
I also might talk D into a cupcake run this afternoon.
Gosh, I just really love cupcakes. 
All in all, I'm just sitting here thankful to experience another day.
To have another restful afternoon with these crazy pups of mine.
A chance to enjoy the summer weather.
A moment to just be away from all the chaos and stressors these last few weeks have brought.

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