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So since life seems a little crazier then usual these days, here's a little look into what's been going on lately...
+ I finished my last actual class for my master's program, now just a 20 page thesis paper for my 6 week capstone and that Master's degree is mine!
+ There's been a lot going on with my friends lately; without going into detail, we've been spending a lot of time connecting, working through issues, and getting a chance to breakdown walls. It's been super emotional, trying at times, but really good. It's made me realize how thankful I am for my friends and knowing that when times get tough, we always have each other. Friendship isn't always easy, but honestly it is so worth it having good people in your life and its making me see how much I really do treasure and value it.
+ D's been working a volleyball camp over the last few days; he's been having a great time, but I'm pretty sure it has absolutely worn him out. Thank goodness for semi-lazy Sundays to help him relax.
+ Jake's still dog searching and trying to find a new addition for this crazy family. I'm excited to see what pup we'll end up with at some point. 
+ In a few days, I'm going to be seeing my mom & dad. I'm so excited to be spending some time with them. It's hard having them live so far away, but I'm so thankful for those moments we get to spend together.
+  Because D & I's time together these last few weeks have been few and far between, we've been trying to make the most of the time we do have to spend together. Last weekend we took our sailboat out on her maiden voyage. We've also been hitting up some of our favorite spots like the Brown Bag Deli, cupcake & coffee dates, or half price milkshakes at Sonic. I really love that boy and anytime spent with him is always a good time in my book. 

+ D has also been renovating the house over the last few weeks. We have so many different projects and ideas in mind and its nice getting some of these accomplished. D & Jake built us a breakfast bar in the kitchen that I absolutely LOVE and can't wait to share some pictures of it later. We're also trying to find some ways to de-clutter our life and learn how to simplify things. I'm seeing a garage sale sometime in our near future.
+ I've been getting a chance to really spend some quality time with my sister; she's really been there for me during some of my most stressful sort of days and its made me realize just how much I need her. The other night I came home from a crazy day at work and she took care of dinner and bought me some much needed ice cream.  I feel that Ash & I are moving into a whole new stage of our friendship. I really feel like we're truly becoming good friends and I am really loving having her close again.
+We received a piano from D's Nana. This is something little but means so much to me. I've really missed playing and its nice being able to try to remember some of my favorite tunes. D has been having me practice most nights, he loves listening to me play. 

All in all, it's been good but I'm really just ready for some real rest and a chance to catch up on life. I feel like I'm falling so far behind on everything.

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  1. That is a whirl wind! So exciting to be so close to your master's degree though!!! Can't wait to see pics of the breakfast bar!


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