I've been getting my Relax On.

It feels like a little while since I've reconnected with you little blog o' mine. 
It's been a ridiculously relaxing little adventure I've been on this week & its been amazing spending some time with my family.
Frankly, I'm pretty sad to see it go & am slightly dreading this coming Monday.
But all good things must come to an end & at least my end is getting to work with really awesome co-workers and a job I don't hate.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a little more time to share a little look into our trip [& of course a lot of pictures, because what's an adventure without pictures]. 
We'll see how much I get accomplished tomorrow with this thesis paper looming over my head... Just a few more weeks!
But know I'm still alive & well & relaxed.

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1 comment:

  1. I love that you work somewhere you enjoy :) So happy for you!!! It makes it a little easier to come back when you are working with people you love and doing work you enjoy... as for me, I dread every Monday. haha! Glad you have been relaxing :) I have been living vicariously through your instagram pics/vids.


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