I think I'm melting...

The last three days have been less than awesome in the Hopewell household.
Our A/C kicked the bucket three days ago, and we've been suffering the aftermath of it since then.
Basically, I think we're living in a sauna right now and D is getting extra cranky with me lately whenever I try to cuddle with him. I really can't blame him for that one though, mainly because it is that  hot up in here and its not really fair for one to cuddle next to someone who can't stop sweating.
Oh, and did I mention Ohio is experiencing a sticky, hot, miserable, humid wave of heat thanks to these on and off storms we've been so fortunate to have [cue sarcasm].
Oh I know people have it much worse than we do, but man, I really do love my A/C & since the dismissal of this wonderful luxury, I've lost all motivation to do anything really.
I'm a slacker folks and can't really find any desire to do anything awesome but sweat and take naps and avoid my house at all cost unless I can sit directly in front of a fan and drink cold water.
Anyone else out there experience the joys of heated, rainy summers?
{I've noticed a few people are without electricity today thanks to yet another storm, my sincere sympathies go out to you.}
That is all.
::End Rant::

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