Another Update Because I'm a Slacker.

Well Hello There.
Sorry little blog, I didn't forget about you, life has just been so good and so crazy.
Just too many fun things.
Let's start with a little update shall we?

1) We have a new roommate! Her name is Rachel & she is awesome!
 She is also Jake's twin sister and she is good at crafts. I'm beyond thrilled that she's here & has become an official member of our commune aka the Hopewell household. Or should I now can it the Hopego/Treewell household?
 [Hopewell + Trego = Perfection]

2) Speaking of Jake, 
He has a cute girlfriend now.
Her name is Roz, and she is awesome as well.
I kind of think that she is the bomb diggity and she literally has a heart of gold.
She also can make a latte & sports vintage like no other.
So, she's joined the little family clan & we love her for it.

3) Then there's Todd.
I always say that Todd is our wild card because he is a man of very many talents.
He has red hair, can ride a unicycle, knows some Japanese phrases, love purple, and is awesome at graphic design & technology.
So yes,
He's joined our family too.
It's great really.

4) We have started a family tradition.
Every Sunday is our family time.
Our favorite menu item?

Oh, wonderful brinner, how I love thee.

5) I'm training for a half marathon that I'm running next week, 
Then a 5K for Halloween,
A Hot Chocolate run.
The fall is my absolute favorite running season!

6) Speaking of Halloween,
This is my absolute favorite holiday and I am so pumped for it this year!
So many good things to come!!
{stay tuned for pictures}

7) Dave's volleyball girls are kickin' this year.
They're doing awesome & I'm so excited for their season.
"We have a big game tomorrow" - D. Hopewell

8) We have a new series coming up on this ol' blog of mine ("We" as in family).
It's going to be pretty awesome so stay tuned for it.
{I promise little blog it won't be too long.}

I think that's it.
...for now.

Peace & Love Friends!

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