We love Chi-Town Part II

Our second day in Chicago started with a much needed caffeine stop at Argo Tea
One of my favorite little coffee shop owners here in Columbus recommended it while we were in the area and mentioned the delicious mint chocolate black tea latte would be a good choice, so of course I oblidged and was not disappointed.
This tea chain is awesome and from what I understand, it is located in only larger city areas.
[However, I soon found out that Chicago itself has quite a few]
Instead of using coffee in their lattes, they use various types of teas including black, green, white, and herbal tea selections.
They also have a more natural and wholesome approach to the foods they offer and the products they use.
Right up my alley.

After our trip to Argo, 
We decided to hit up the infamous Shedd Aquarium.
Thankfully we had the City Pass to quicken our wait in line, however, our line was still super long and it was raining.
By the time we made it into the aquarium itself, we were a slightly prettier version of a wet dog.
The aquarium was a blast and I was dying over the awesomeness of the jellyfish exhibit.
Jellyfish are one of those strange, beautiful creatures that seem so exquisite but so deadly all at the same time. 
And the various types?

After the exhibits, 
We decided to check out the Millennium Park and experience The Bean (aka: The Cloud Gate), because, what's a trip to Chicago without seeing and taking a picture in the reflection of the Bean?.

 After our walking and touring, we needed a little break and decided to check out a local coffee shop.
Our selection was the Cafe Descartes and we had a great time creeping on people at the bar near the store front. 
The girls were trying to get the people passing to either partake in a waving session or the Ohio bred "O-H-I-O," I however just chose to enjoy my Mexican Mocha.

 On the walk back we enjoyed some fantastic scenery, including the beautiful water and Kara's traditional picture outside the Starbucks of each city she visits.

 When we finally returned to our hotel,
We were feeling gross and ridiculously hungry.
We decided to try out the Honky Tonk BBQ restaurant, thanks to The Food Network's suggestion, and believe me, it was wonderful.
Since, for obvious reasons, I don't partake in the traditional elements of BBQ, I opted for one of their vegetarian options which was a Green BLT.
It includes all the traditional elements of a BLT, but instead of a regular tomato, it was a fried green tomato and instead of bacon I had a Portobello Mushroom. Oh My.
The other cool thing about this restaurant was that they candied their bacon and even had a bacon and brew option which Cookie decided to check out.
As we enjoyed our food, we looked around and noticed that there were quite a few people dressed up in 40's & 50's attire.
We were confused until the band got up to perform and we realized they were an awesome modern rendition of a Big Band.
[Sorry, I can't seem to remember their name]
Once they started playing, all the people got out on the dance floor and started swing dancing.
We had so much fun and I definitely hope we can go back another time to revisit this awesome little place!

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  1. Looks like so much fun and those s u n f l o w e r s are gorgeous!!!!


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