A 1920's Murder Mystery

Remember that one time I did a murder mystery party?
Oh yeah,
That was last week.
Rachel & I got this really clever idea to throw a murder mystery party because well we're awesome & also because we thought throwing a themed party for Halloween would be amazing... and it was!

(Disclaimer: No Participants were actually harmed in the making of this party)

We had a hot dog bar with anything from fritos, to nacho cheese, to chili and onions.
We also had an ice cream bar (Jeni's ice cream to be exact, courtesy of Meredith) with a ton of different toppings.
We even had a "Murder Booth"
{AKA: Photo Booth, See Pictures Below}

 We Ate.
We Murdered.
We Had A Blast.

And in the end of it all, we discovered that Amber was the original killer with Justin as her hit-man.

After the Murder was resolved and we had handed out our awards,
It was time for the long awaited


What a great night! 
Can't wait for our next party!

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