Wow... that was quick...

So I was planning on writing about last weekend this week, and somehow this week is already over and we're already on to the next weekend. 
What a crazy busy week!

So anyways,
Last Weekend...

Well, last weekend I ran a girl's only half marathon with my best friend Kara & had two other girlfriends who were running a half for the very first time.
It was super exciting to share that experience with them and getting a chance to cheer them on along the way. There's just something I love & anticipate for race day. The element of pushing one's self. The hard work all paying off. The anxiousness right before those first steps that start the race.
It's just a feeling that's like no other, a feeling I've definitely grown addicted to after all these years.
I just love racing season!
After the run was over I was exhausted and ready for a good breakfast, which was then decided that the German Village Coffee Shop was an ideal choice for cheap, comfort food which is always welcomed after clocking miles.
We pretty much order for 20 people & demolished everything.

After a deliciously filling breakfast,
I came home with the intent to take a nice long nap.
Well, D ended up surprising me and told me we would be going somewhere in an hour but he wouldn't tell me any other details.
He said he had planned a date & wanted me to pack an overnight bag.

Our first stop on our adventure was of course to get some necessary Starbucks because what's any mini road trip without a Starbucks trip.
Our second stop was a trip to Walmart to grab {in D's own words} "essentials," which included frozen pizzas and doughnuts.
Once we grabbed our essentials, we continued our route to Hocking Hills, where D finally revealed his surprise. He had rented us a little cabin for the weekend!
{And it was the Honeymooner cabin no less}
D knew we had a crazy last couple of months and he knew the next few weeks would be just as crazy, but he wanted to make sure that our one free weekend had something special in store.
And he made sure to get a cabin with a hot tub to help relax my poor, tired body from my run earlier that morning.
What an absolute gem, that one.
And what an absolute wonderful weekend!
We relaxed, we pigged out, we took a mini hike,
And friends, I think last weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

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