A Wedding Story.

Last weekend, Ash & I took a road trip over to Indiana for my cousin David's wedding.
Before I go any further, I'll warn you now that this post is a picture overload, but it kind of had to happen because this wedding was vintage DIY goodness.
Plus, I just love my family and think they're pretty awesome.

On the first day of our weekend adventure, we woke up early to have breakfast with some of my favorite ladies.
We had an amazing time cracking up as we caught up on life and chowed down on carmel brulee french toast, cheddar jalapeno grits, and cinnamon roll coffee cake (just to share a few amazing entrees we experienced).
I wanted to take a picture of the delicious food, but I ate it too quickly.
Basically, the food was incredible and the company was equally as lovely.

After our yummy breakfast,
We made our way to the church for some wedding prep and later, a pretty reception.

Oh, and their reception decorations were equally adorable!

David & Janelle were theatre/production students at their time in Asbury University (where they met) and loved the beautiful aspect of stories and story telling.
Their theme of their wedding focused around this idea which they showed through their wonderful table settings and receptions concepts.

I just couldn't get enough of it!

I especially loved their "Words of Wisdom."
The table was lined with photos of their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents,
All who show such a beautiful aspect of a lifetime love lived out.

We come from a long line of fantastic people who demonstrated by their example how to build a love that last a lifetime.
If you have any advice, encouragement, stories (or even jokes!) that you'd like to share with us, pick up a paper and share your words!

Each person could write on a small piece of paper their words for the sweet couple and David & Janelle would later turn it into a book for them to keep.

This was probably one of my top favorite wedding,
Not just because the decor was awesome,
Not just because they served brunch at their wedding,
Not just because they had cupcakes,
But mainly because their love was so genuine and their commitment to God so sacred.
And to me, this is the most important thing for one to understand when starting a beautiful love story.
Congrats David & Janelle,
So happy for you both!

& there was an awesome photo-booth that we had too much fun with:

i just heart photo-booths.

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