So where to begin?
I guess I can start off by saying sorry I've been gone so long...
It's been a kind of a rough month to say the least.
Just a lot of things going on and a lot of soul searching on my part.
Sorry to be so vague,
But there's just some things happening that I feel right now isn't the right time to share.
But I do have to say, I think it's kind of funny sometimes how God will work in our lives. How sometimes we need a wake up call to really see life & see where we've allowed ourselves to become complacent. And from these moments, sometimes in order to be woken up we must first be willing to be completely broken down.
And I've realized being broken, as much as it can hurt, can be so completely beautiful.
I truly believe there's beauty in the broken.
 And in those moments I'm rediscovering me and figure out my life.
I'm seeing things clearly & God has never felt so real.
It's been humbling to say the least.
And so good all at the same time.
Stepping away from blogging, from distraction, was what my soul needed I think.
To be honest, 
It's hard to write, to pretend to be happy, to share life, when your heart just isn't in it.
I knew that I just needed some time for solitude and reflection.
It's been good because I've been more intentional with reading and old-school journalling.
Which, I realized when I stepped away from blogging that I haven't really done either of those in a really long time.
And I don't really know why I'm blabbering like this,
But I do have to say that regardless, I've really missed blogging.
And I finally feel like I'm at a better place to get back to it & share life again.
Life is getting good & I feel an adventure in the works.
Love You All.

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  1. Hope the darkness gives way and the sun shines some happiness on you. I am in the same place, have been very uninspired and in a pretty dark place since I devastatingly injured my foot and ankle 7 weeks ago. No blogging for me either. Best of luck, your fellow running friend in Canada.

    1. This was good to read, thanks for sharing & hopefully by now we can both say we are in a better place :)


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