Thanksgiving Weekend

I love Thanksgiving; besides Halloween, its my favorite holiday.
Thanksgiving is pretty awesome because its a chance to reflect on all the things we're thankful for, a day full of incredible food (D's parents are AMAZING cooks), and time to spend with family.
 I especially love the fact that its our tradition to spend it with D's side of the family.
I think its true when they say you don't just marry a spouse, you marry their family, and man, every time I'm around D's family, I remember just how lucky I am.
I just love them!
I was especially excited this year because my brother & sister in law were going to be in town with my little niece Addie and I've been dying to see them! 

We started the weekend off with Addie & D building a fort per Addie's specific request. 
I just died at the cuteness.
Addie sure loves her Uncle D.
 And like I said,
The food is amazing!
I ate so much I had to take a solid nap afterwards. 
Worth it.

This little one just kills me with her cuteness & personality.
Right now Addie is in her princess stage.
I loved watching her eyes light up when Amber mentioned watching Tangled, or when she asked D to be the Prince for playing Princesses.
I felt especially honored that she told me I could be Cinderella.
I also loved that she's at the age right now where she can't go to bed until she hugs & kisses everyone goodnight because she's just trying to avoid going to bed.
Its so crazy watching her grow up and slowly seeing her as a little girl and no longer a baby.
I wish so much we lived closer but I'm so thankful for the times we get to be together.

That Saturday we woke up bright & early and went hiking.
I don't know if the day could have been any more perfect and a view more gorgeous!
It was nice to get out and work off some of that holiday goodness (though when we got back we did eat a ton of leftovers, but I mean Thanksgiving leftovers really are the best and you gotta do what you gotta do, right?)

Great Weekend, Great Food, Great People!

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