To New Adventures

Sorry for yet another quiet absence on the blog, but I've had too many exciting things to share and didn't want to spoil things before their time.
So for those of you who haven't heard yet, Dave & I are moving to South Dakota at the beginning of January! 
It's kind of crazy and was only decided (officially) about 2 months ago, but we're feeling really good about our decision and we know God definitely is at work in our lives. 
There's just something so undeniably incredible when you know you're so perfectly in His will, that it takes away all the fears and doubts that come with making big changes. 
I laugh too because we are continuously seeing God answering prayers as he moves in our lives, but nothing has been answered in the ways we thought they would.
But I have a job, Dave has an interview, we sold our house, and we found the perfect place for us to rent! To have all that happen in less than a month is a  miracle. 

Ohio has been so good to us.
We've had good & bad times along the way but from everything that has happened we've become stronger people more in-tune with ourselves and more focused on the things that are truly important.
We've done things we never thought we could.
We've made some of the most incredible relationships with people we couldn't love more (this is probably the hardest thing to leave behind-- thank goodness these relationships are ones I know we will have for a lifetime).
We've created family.
We've proven others wrong and shown our worth and our abilities.
We've explored and embraced.
We've created some of the best memories that I still look back on and smile about.
It's been beautiful, it's been challenging, but now... now is our time for something new.
I think when we're called to something it's not a matter of when we're comfortable but instead jumping in and living on faith.
Trusting in the unknown.
Believing in the greater purpose for our lives.

So more to come, but please, if you're in the area and we're around, please stop by and say hello!

We love you Ohio & the beautiful people here,
Let's just say that it's not goodbye but see ya next time! ;)

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  1. I love you. :) Doug and I are secretly envious of your ability to up and move. :) Love you guys!! *Bundle up!


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