Welcome to South Dakota


So after a blog hiatus due to craziness, moving, & lack of internet,
I'm officially back.
& in South Dakota!
That still sounds crazy to hear.
South Dakota.

But, Wow, it's been awesome.

So just to answer a few questions out there for all those who might be wondering (I'm guessing this will mostly be for our family):

1.  We are healthy & alive just occasionally cold from time to time. Gotta love the negative degree temperatures out here & awesome snow drifts.

2. We have the most darling little home that we are currently renting out here & we absolutely love it!

3. We finally closed on our house last Friday. It's so nice to be free of an extra mortgage & no more burdens of loose ends still in Ohio.

4. We both have jobs! Mine was already known, but Dave just started working last Monday in Customer Service & seems to be enjoying learning the processes and life of a 9-5er. [He's never worked a job that he's home every night before 5 PM!]

5. There is no Starbucks around us, well, there's one in our grocery store, but that doesn't really count. This has been a really hard one for me, but oh so very good for my checking account. We do have some pretty little local coffee shops though & I've been appreciating some good loose leaf teas.

6. As announced on Facebook a few days ago, we are now completely credit card debt free & ready to start making some smart financial decisions. We realized living out here on a very tight budget that we were not making wise money decisions in the past & we are now determined to be smarter with our money. We want an adventurous life, and to do so, we need to be making better decisions.

7. Sky got 8 stitches on her head last Saturday thanks to a barbed wire fence. That dog, she is a) fearless & b) tough. Didn't flinch, didn't cry, nothing! So we are now familiar with the local vet in town. 

So now that we are a little more up to date on things,
Just sending out some quick love to all my wonderful people out there who've been so wonderful & supportive on our move out here.
We've made it, but we sure do miss you!


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  1. Congratulations on a new life adventure! I used to live in South Dakota! It is my second home state. :) Stay warm, and be aware of the wind- but enjoy the people and some of the pretty scenery!


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