Florida Edition: My Best Friend's Wedding

Obviously I'm way behind on post...like a year's worth (haha)
Here's a little recap of Raynell's wedding this summer:

D & I have been trying to cut back on our spending & have been doing Dave Ramsey in the Hopewell household.
So instead of eating out and hotel stays pre-flight (we were flying out of Minneapolis),
We car camped and ate some mac-n-cheese at one of our favorite parks in the area.
So fun!

When we finally made it to Florida,
We let the festivities begin!

Our first stop was Ray's bachelorette party,
We took a local wine tour:

Ate some fabulous seafood waterside:

And of course, KARAOKE!

(Obviously a fabulous night)

The next night was rehearsal:

And then Wedding Day!

Isn't she beautiful?!

Best Bridesmaids Ever.
(I seriously love these ladies)

And a chance to reconnect with some of my very favorite friends from high school,
(It's been way too long- I miss you all)

Seriously, SUCH a fun wedding & I was so honored to be a part of Ray's special day.


I love you both so incredibly much & am so happy for you both!

I feel so honored to share life with you after all these years & getting a chance to be a part of this exciting adventure alongside you.


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