Halloween Fun!

Last night D & I experienced our first Trunk or Treat, and it was so much fun!
If you've never been before, most churches host them as a way to be a part of the holiday fun, to get involved in their community, and provide some additional candy and entertainment for families.
Individuals bring their cars to park in the parking lots and decorate their trunk with some sort of theme and pass out candy to the kids who stop by.
{I think I heard there were about 1,000 kids who stopped by and 40-some cars there for the event}
There were Walking Tacos to eat, hot cider/hot chocolate to drink, and lots of fun indoor activities.
It was such a blast!
If any of you really know me, you know how much I love Halloween.
There's just something about the season that gets me so excited.
And I love seeing all the creative costumes!
The cutest costume I saw was a little girl in a wagon dressed as a mouse trapped in a mouse trap.

This year D & I went as Backpackers.
{we may have had everything needed down in our basement already- haha}
We set up our camping chairs, put sleeping bags in the back, and put our tent up on top of our car.
We then wore matching plaid and put our backpacks on.

Dave decided instead of candy we would pass out Snack Packs.
They went like hot cakes & we ended up having to switch to candy for the rest of the evening.

Our friends Aaron & Lauren went as Farm Animals & their theme was "Farm Fresh Breakfast"
Too Funny!

My friend Amber & her family turned their trunk into a Mcdonalds drive thru.
I'm pretty sure it was my favorite- such a fun idea!

There was also a photo booth set up inside & of course we took advantage of it!

I wish Halloween was longer.

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