Chicago Love - Half Marathon Edition

This September I got a chance to meet up with my dear, dear girlfriends from college to run the Chicago Half Marathon.
{Whitney, you were SO missed!}
It was a short but sweet treat & I always feel so revitalized any time I get to spend with these wonderful ladies.
We toured around briefly around the Navy Pier, The Bean, & Soldier Park.
What a fun time & such a beautiful weekend!

We were up bright & early for race day...and were going a little half crazy at this point.

Before the race I was able to meet up with Rachel for a quick hug that wasn't nearly long enough: OH I MISS HER {move to SD already!}.
Meanwhile, the girls taped up Richelle.

Halfway through the race, Dave jumped in and finished the race with me.
Not only did he help me break under 2:00:00 {1:58:00} but we had such a great time running together. I just love that boy.

I even got a chance to run with Mar near the end- this was her very first half marathon and she did SO awesome! {So proud of you!}

I miss you ladies!
Thank you so much for spending such a good weekend with me.
I miss you all so much & can't wait for our next adventure!

Oh and of course D & I stopped for bagels at the end.
Because, duh.

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1 comment:

  1. LOVE that we all got to get together. DO NOT love that picture of me. I look disgusted, which I was, in pain, which I was, and altogether gross...which I was. :) LOVE YOU!


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