A Year Ago

A year ago today South Dakota was only this idea.
We were starting to plan this new, exciting adventure, but really, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.
This time last year we were visiting South Dakota for the very first time.
The tag on the map was finally coming true, the coffee on the right were moments we were actually sharing together with very special friends here in South Dakota.
This time last year, we were saying our goodbyes.
This time of the year things feels so bittersweet now.
I love where we are, how far we've come...but man, it's moments like these I just really miss everyone.
This time last year we were cutting down trees, visiting Zoo lights, Christmas parties.
Spending moments with our family, our friends.
Looking back on those pictures bring back so many wonderful moments.
And now here we are a year from then, 
We're singing Christmas carols, watching Eisley grow up and win over all the sweet people at the nursing home.
We're putting up Christmas lights that are so bright they literally light up our whole house.
We're planning our trip back home...because the thing I've realized within this year is that home isn't some physical setting. It's people. It's moments. It's life shared together.
And that makes me excited because I've realized no matter where I go there will always be home.

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