Maternity Love


With Phoenix's sudden arrival, I haven't been able to share yet these amazing maternity pictures taken by our good friend Jordan.
Dave & I really wanted a way to remember our last few weeks of pregnancy and Jordan did an amazing job capturing our excitement and anticipation as we anxiously awaited parenthood.
And it's a good thing we took the pictures when we did because Phoenix was born the very next weekend!
Looking back on these pictures, I'm still in a little disbelief that I'm now holding that babe who stayed so snug in my belly all those months. 
I remember seeing him as just a tiny little spec when we first started the IVF process and I loved getting to watch him grow month after month.
It makes me miss the little flutters in my stomach and the tiny kicks that would come right before we went to bed. When Dave would come home late at night and I was already sleeping, he'd try to rile up Phoenix to get him moving. 
Even though pregnancy isn't all rainbows and sunshine by any means, I never want to take for granted the gift I was given to be able to experience pregnancy and the miracle of life as it develops. 

However, I do not miss the jab in the ribs nor do I miss the waddle I developed from lower back pain haha.
If you're looking for an incredible photographer in the Brookings, SD area, check out the Jordan Lynde Photography website or his Facebook page!

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