Tuesdays with Jake...

Well you all know what today is, it's time for another round of 
Tuesdays with Jake
{Seriously, I should just start making Jake write these up}
Here's what Jake wants you to know:
  • Jake cries when he watches the Notebook. Every time. He says it's because that's what old people love does to him. In the words of Jake, "I may have a tough exterior, but really I'm a little girl when it comes to sad movies." I say he's a teddy bear at heart. Then I laugh because guys crying makes me uncomfortable. Then all the other girls out there insert a bunch of "awwww"s because girl's love sweet hearted boys and Jake is a sweet hearted boy... That boy, he's a lady killer.
  • One day Jake hopes to purchase and raise buffalo. Hence, Year of the Buffalo as his band name...perhapsssss? I would let Jake have a buffalo at our house, but I'm sure D would say no. Jake also wants a puppy, but D will say no to that as well. He insisted we already have too many animals all living in one home...I say there is always room for a puppy. 
  • I've already told you that Jake and Tank are best friends forever, but Jake wanted you all to know that he loves Sky too. I however disagree. I believe Jake to have a fixed bias against Sky because she eats poop. So what, Jake, so what. She's just a little confused and she needs a little mentoring in her life. 
  • Jake prefers his Oreos double stuffed and his toilet paper thin. Don't ask...just don't ask.
  • Jake does not like my cooking. I am certain of this. I think he eats anything I make out of pity. Does this get me down? Nope. I say, Challenge Accepted!
Here's to Tuesday!

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  1. Oh man. Too funny! I think Wednesdays should be with Dave!

  2. BAM! You've been nominated by yours truly for The Versatile Blogger Award! :)

    Go here www.coralscountry.blogspot.com for more info!

    Happy Blogging! : )


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