French Press Tutorial

I was planning on doing my last 30 for 30 today, but well it's rainy & gross outside,
So instead, I'm sharing some of my morning laziness with you.

Here is my promised French Press tutorial 
[From this day]:

What you will need:
  • Coffee  {Works best if it is a medium to course ground}
  • Hot Water {All you will have to do is boil the water on a stove top}
  • Coffee condiments [sugar, cream, etc] {I prefer normally drinking the coffee black}
  1. Grind coffee and place scoops at the bottom of the press
    1.  Use two rounded tablespoons of coffee for each eight oz. of water- I suggested using four to five rounded coffee scoops for the average coffee press. {It’s all to taste really, for a lighter brew use less coffee to water ratio & vise versa}
  2. Boil Water & pour over the grounds- You will pour this to the top of the press- and give it a quick stir to make sure all the grounds are covered with water
  3. Place top of press over brewing grounds but do not press down- allow to sit for 5 minutes {Your screen should be up against the top of the lid}
  4. Once 5 minutes have passed, press down on the plunger- The screen will separate the brewed coffee from the grounds.
  5. Pour & Enjoy your new cup of tastiness.
My friend Jenny from Thrift Store Dress had a really great idea for a delicious & yummy press that I wanted to share with you as well.
Here is a little DIY at home Mocha:
  • Follow steps above but I instead of hot water, make hot cocoa and pour this over the grounds- simply allow to brew as usual, then pour and top with whip cream- This was absolutely INCREDIBLE! Thanks Jenny for the awesome idea! {These pictures I took today are the homemade Mocha}

Also, I made some more delicious Baked Oatmeal, this time with raspberries and blackberries!
& Finally, here is an adorable little girl to brighten your morning:

America's Next Top Model Worthy

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  1. so delicious! I am a huge french press fan and will be trying this out over the weekend!!!

  2. My ex once got one of these for my apartment for when he came to visit (he lived 3 hours away). I don't drink coffee but maybe I should get a press for when I have house guests. great tutorial, thanks!


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