Friday Letters- do a little dance!

Layering Piece.Skirt.Bracelet - Target // Tank - AE // Shoes - Blowfish // Sunglasses - TJ Maxx

Dear Classes, Thank you for going smoothly and wonderfully. I was such an anxious little mess but it all turned out to be a really great experience!
Dear Professor, Thanks for the extension on our homework-!
Dear Homework, I think you might really be the death of me. Please don't steal my whole weekend!
Dear Shoes, Plain and Simply, I just love you. {by the way, thanks for that embarrassing trip over my feet moment this morning. D got a good laugh.}
Dear Weather, I  would much rather be outside enjoying you than inside making calls and answering emails. Please last long enough for me to come out and enjoy your prettiness.
Dear Climbing Wall, You.Me.Tonight. It's on!
Dear D, I think we should have brunch this weekend. I really love brunch and I really love it when you take me to Skillet. I also really love you and I guess I will love you even if you don't take me to Skillet, but extra brownie points if you do take me to Skillet. Thank you in advance.
Dear Weekend, I am pumped to spend some time with you; you're the icing to my cake- the cheese to my macaroni!

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  1. Stop wearing cute makes me extremely jealous.

    It also makes my bum ankle cringe. Stupid ankle aka why I can't wear heels.

    Have a great weekend!


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