Tuesdays With Jake {Year of the Buffalo}

So Tuesdays with Jake is going to be short and sweet today....since I know all of you {aka Jake} will be majorly disappointed if this series doesn't happen today....
but in all serious, I'm really excited for this next part I'm about to say:
Remember how Jake is in an awesome band? [Year of the Buffalo]
Well folks, this awesome band of his is playing in Mansfield this weekend with The La De Les, Ocean is Theory, and Room & Board.
Hooray, so many great bands all in one venue!

D & I will be there, will you?
[tag alongs may be accepted]

You also should know that Jake...
1. Has an awesome basketball video on YouTube
{as well as a not so awesome one}
2. Loves the Pentatonix {by loves, I mean is obsessed}
3. Started a Walking Club at work...by club, I mean just him.

Happy Tuesday's Crazies.

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