We finally got the sails for our sailboat,
D is estimating our first voyage to take place in July.
He still has some cosmetic work on the basic structure, but other than that, its looking great.
I really don't know if I could be anymore excited.
I'm ready for many adventures on the water this summer.
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This week has been such a blur...
Works been consistently busy, and right now in my Master's program we are doing a program stimulation where we are virtually running our own business.
On top of that, we had a pretty crazy storm last night that my dear pups decided to share with me by waking me up at two & three o'clock this morning.
I don't really know how well I slept after that because I was pretty sure at that moment that there was going to be a tornado siren going off just as I fell back asleep [there wasn't].
Oh my.
What a week.
I didn't really think about how crazy this week has felt until I came home tonight and realized how behind I am on....everything. There's laundry that needs done, mail that needs sorted, life that needs lived, my garden needs weeded, my house needs cleaned, and I still have more homework waiting for me for this next week. 
I'm ready for the weekend.
For some fun times.
For some garage sales.
For some sleeping in.
And for some cupcakes!

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